"The atmosphere will be amazing" | Ryan Mason on fans returning for Aston Villa clash

Interim Head Coach Ryan Mason previews Tottenham Hotspur's final Premier League home game of the season against Aston Villa.

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  • Aarón Casco
    Aarón Cascoमहीने पहले

    🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕ryan you suck as a manager as a player is better

  • Life’s Too short
    Life’s Too shortमहीने पहले

    Really??? Cos all I heard was booing!! 😡😡

  • Ziyech Hakim
    Ziyech Hakimमहीने पहले

    Before the match. Mason is great, he is good manager. After the match. Mason is Clown

  • Fox Virux
    Fox Viruxमहीने पहले

    I can’t see this manager anymore

  • Binky The Goddess Divine
    Binky The Goddess Divineमहीने पहले

    This guy's career as a coach is over before it even started. He's an absolute disaster, one of the worst managers I've ever seen. And to say nerve to say that the atmosphere will be amazing, just shows he's a moron as well. The players got booed by the fans.

  • Michael A
    Michael Aमहीने पहले

    and then I go and spoil it all by saying something simple like you SUCK dude.

  • Kevin Ko
    Kevin Koमहीने पहले

    indeed im sure the atmosphere was amazing lol

  • At Tt
    At Ttमहीने पहले

    Amazing. Really

  • Ronel Koti
    Ronel Kotiमहीने पहले

    Come on you spurs

  • Hocane
    Hocaneमहीने पहले

    What's wrong with these journlists? Why are they talking like he Kane isn't a Spurs player? Zaha have been wanting to leave for years and he is still a Palace player. Kane is still a Spurs player and still probably will be next season.

  • amezan
    amezanमहीने पहले

    The pause from Paul was intentional

  • General Keepup
    General Keepupमहीने पहले

    If west ham lose today and we win we are officially in europa

  • Ziyech Hakim

    Ziyech Hakim

    महीने पहले

    you get the uno reverse card. You lost, they won.

  • Gareth Bale
    Gareth Baleमहीने पहले

    If he doesn’t try to tell Kane don’t leave I’m killin him

  • life
    lifeमहीने पहले

    Everywhere we go♪💪 Everywhere we go♪💪 Everywhere we go♪💪

  • Mooky Mook of Fartville
    Mooky Mook of Fartvilleमहीने पहले

    When did Harry Kane state publicly that he is going? The football media, bar a very minute few, do a disservice to the English game and these conferences need to stop. It's time clubs refuse to talk to outlets who do nothing but destabilise their team all season with fake news. These jokers can't play the game and think we want answers to made up questions?

  • Super Spurs
    Super Spursमहीने पहले

    Tanganga done well against wolves why even think about that clown AURIER coming back in the team.

  • josue carbajal
    josue carbajalमहीने पहले

    Ojalá ganemos muchachos XD :D

  • 한승우
    한승우महीने पहले

    No champions

  • Mal Thy
    Mal Thyमहीने पहले


  • 이상연
    이상연महीने पहले

    sh1tttest team i ever seen

  • Tony Shaer
    Tony Shaerमहीने पहले

    Then more I listen to Ryan the more I want him to be the boss next season. He’ll have the whole off season to bring players in and get the team playing his way.

  • Sarah Mullin

    Sarah Mullin

    महीने पहले

    I think he would be a decent manager however he doesn’t have the experience. I have no doubt he is a promising manager and he has a bright future but right now he just doesn’t have the experience.

  • Tony Shaer
    Tony Shaerमहीने पहले

    So sick of these stupid questions

  • Daniel William
    Daniel Williamमहीने पहले

    John Terry almost killed this guy

  • 09
    09महीने पहले

    유로파 가즈아 🔥

  • Akbar Rizzky
    Akbar Rizzkyमहीने पहले

    Next season we can win premier league title 👀🔥🔥🔥 Coys

  • Neil H
    Neil Hमहीने पहले

    Media are like vultures, pure scum the lot of them

  • Ayatullah Meric
    Ayatullah Mericमहीने पहले

    As a Tottenham fan i think harry kane deserves the best he is 27 for crying out loud and the guy hasn’t won any silverware he is better off in a team where he will win trophies

  • Joshua Sunny 18
    Joshua Sunny 18महीने पहले

    Boys, we officially can't make Top 4. 😥💔😭

  • 666ERROR
    666ERRORमहीने पहले

    Please buy Gareth, or renew it. He plays well in Tottenham, he is happy.

  • oz ozturk
    oz ozturkमहीने पहले

    Thanks to Levy, Harry is leaving. All the best Harry. LEVYOUT

  • Ben Just Ben

    Ben Just Ben

    महीने पहले

    @oz ozturk the sources saying he will leave are all false because multiple people in the club have denied him submitting a transfer request.

  • oz ozturk

    oz ozturk

    महीने पहले

    @Ben Just Ben I really hope you do and I Will laugh with you. But it is time I'm afraid. LEVYOUT!

  • Ben Just Ben

    Ben Just Ben

    महीने पहले

    @oz ozturk in September I will come back here and laugh because Harry Kane will still be in a Spurs shirt.

  • oz ozturk

    oz ozturk

    महीने पहले

    @Ben Just Ben Oh yes he is. We have to face it and smell the ☕ Harry wants a 🏆 or at least Champion league football and Levy wants 💸 . Done deal! LEVYOUT!

  • Ben Just Ben

    Ben Just Ben

    महीने पहले

    No he isn’t

  • Andrew Badenoch
    Andrew Badenochमहीने पहले

    The cheek from these Journos! 😆

  • Tropical Storm
    Tropical Stormमहीने पहले

    The atmosphere will be great just hearing LEVY OUT for 90 mins will be great I’m looking forward to that more than anything. Good luck Harry you’ve been more loyal and worked harder than any of the owners of the club your one of us your one of our own and even you’ve had enough. Go win things at least you can leave us fans are stuck with this mess. Do us spurs fans a favour and tell levy he’s not respected and to do one thing right in his pathetic career and leave!!! Thanks for the memories MR SPURS 👍. GOOD LUCK H

  • Mike Brown

    Mike Brown

    महीने पहले

    Yeah ....that's really going to inspire the team isn't it...you muppet!

  • Mick Smoke me a kipper
    Mick Smoke me a kipperमहीने पहले

    So are there no sports journalists anymore? Just interested in the soap opera

  • K-Day
    K-Dayमहीने पहले

    Ryan's doing a great job rn

  • Lolly
    Lollyमहीने पहले

    Shame Kane couldn’t wait a week to drop this grenade poor Ryan but he was a star ⭐️ as in Ryan💥💥💥 positive and focused

  • Hendra Setiawan
    Hendra Setiawanमहीने पहले

    As Predicted he answered all questions with very professional.. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Mamushe Lambehow
    Mamushe Lambehowमहीने पहले

    Kane totenmeh Goodey❤️❤️ chesl No mactrseti No mach uonatde No

  • lee Adler
    lee Adlerमहीने पहले

    Feel proper sorry for Ryan, having to answer virtually every single question regarding Harry and his future. Regardless of whether Harry stays or goes, this summer is going to be a huge one. The chairman has got to start getting things right regarding THE TEAM and getting the right manager in, instead of focusing on submitting planning applications to renovate more of the High road. Time and time again over the last 20 years, he and ENIC have failed us when it comes to the football side of the club, no wonder we are in such a sad state of affairs football-wise at the moment. My question is, does he actually see what is going on in front of his own eyes ??? Or he is completely and utterly blind to it all??? Only he will truly know because we will truly find out in the next 3 months or so.

  • Paul Voyce #HTD4LIFE
    Paul Voyce #HTD4LIFEमहीने पहले

    Let's keep the passion and fire we had on Sunday game for tomorrow's game and walk away with 3 points COYS 💙

  • Glenn Clark
    Glenn Clarkमहीने पहले

    The awkward face touching

  • Glenn Clark
    Glenn Clarkमहीने पहले

    The whole team hasn’t been committed this season that’s total rubbish! £nic out!

  • General Keepup
    General Keepupमहीने पहले

    Ryan mason is a better defender than Eric dier

  • Asmera Shikor
    Asmera Shikorमहीने पहले

    They lost their beast manager sucked the special one now Tottenham the most scared team to manage and they will lose their best players! What a lossless

  • Ben Just Ben

    Ben Just Ben

    महीने पहले

    Your grammar has proved you’re a child.

  • spord 06
    spord 06महीने पहले

    About Harry Harry Harry🤬🤬

  • Jim Frank
    Jim Frankमहीने पहले

    Buy grealish make Kane happy

  • Bond JamesBond
    Bond JamesBondमहीने पहले

    M just heart broken. Please go abroad. Don't go to fucking manu and Chelsea pls. All my friends are man u fans.. I can not stand any more banter please

  • Ktocoten Ktocoto
    Ktocoten Ktocotoमहीने पहले

    Enic out

  • Dugiesrevenge
    Dugiesrevengeमहीने पहले

    Ryan has come over very well into what was going to be a very HOT post Mourinho seat... he has a long career ahead with luck he will be a success... so thanks Ryan✅

  • James Bond IV
    James Bond IVमहीने पहले

    The way he answered those questions, Ryan would easily get a job with the Baden party in the USA.

  • Kind-Hearted-Thieves Joe
    Kind-Hearted-Thieves Joeमहीने पहले

    It pains my soul that there are people up and down the country losing their jobs, yet journalists still make a fine wage asking questions that they know won't be answered.

  • Mailo
    Mailoमहीने पहले

    Harry dont leave us

  • imaad hussain
    imaad hussainमहीने पहले

    harry kane interest from other clubs is worrying if he goes we need to find a really good replacement no one wants him to go if he has to then let him whatevr mason is saying he obviously knows a lot better than me just get ready tommorow and play well and we all know what harry is capable of this season he has shown it we need him to stay and be happy good luck tommorow come on you spurss

  • izaki musdaf
    izaki musdafमहीने पहले

    That flag with the 7 colours right at enterance of spurs field is the problm God doesnt like immorality ,remove it we are God fearing people otherwise trophy cabinet will continue having a number of cockroaches and dusts

  • izaki musdaf

    izaki musdaf

    महीने पहले

    Insults doesnt help doomed man

  • Mike Brown

    Mike Brown

    महीने पहले

    Go fuck yourself Fascist!

  • A WebbVideos
    A WebbVideosमहीने पहले

    Come Ryan I’m hoping for three for three

    DEJONGमहीने पहले

    Levvy keep kane

  • عالم الرياضيات للدعم UNIVERS des Mathématiques
    عالم الرياضيات للدعم UNIVERS des Mathématiquesमहीने पहले

    We are with you SIR Mason for finish the season. But We need the coach Who will being at top 4 and will won the cup final and will go playing the champions league.

  • Question Everything
    Question Everythingमहीने पहले

    Respect ryan, not the easiest press conference to take, but as usual very professional, with a hint of cheekiness. Goodluck tomorrow and ♡Coys♡

  • Arga Wibisono
    Arga Wibisonoमहीने पहले

    The media doesn't even asking about the tomorrow's game.

  • Stinging Nettle
    Stinging Nettleमहीने पहले

    Very professional.

  • Gameboys NK
    Gameboys NKमहीने पहले

    Happy fans will be back,let’s win this game,COYS

  • Heroes Zeros
    Heroes Zerosमहीने पहले

    Pointless press conference. They all are regardless of the questions asked. Answers are always guarded and formulaic.

  • Mooky Mook of Fartville

    Mooky Mook of Fartville

    महीने पहले

    It's because the questions are snidey, sensationalised nonsense and and repetitive AF. Trying to create fake news from fake news. Today's sport media is 98% made up of clowns who all lie through their teeth for hits.

  • Matt t
    Matt tमहीने पहले

    Completely pointless questions! Everyone knew he wouldn't say anything about Kane before this press conference yet all the thick as shit journo's still ask!

  • London Dazza
    London Dazzaमहीने पहले

    Well done Ryan answered everything so cool and calm

  • Racecar.88
    Racecar.88महीने पहले

    What's happened and what's being reported are two different things.

  • Ethan Barbe
    Ethan Barbeमहीने पहले

    Kane don't leave pls

  • S 41
    S 41महीने पहले

    Been disgusted with sky all season. Every game they have covered it’s about his future. We’re not Harry Kane Fc. We’re Tottenham Hotspur Fc.

  • S 41

    S 41

    महीने पहले

    @Hocane I agree no one is going to pay that fee. Especially when Haaland could be available for cheaper + he’s younger.

  • Hocane


    महीने पहले

    No one is paying 150M during Covid. Highly doubt it. Kane will be a Spurs player next season.

  • Look Back In Anger
    Look Back In Angerमहीने पहले

    Make Son attack. He’s wasted too much for defense. Use other players to distract his man-markers. That’s the only way to defeat Aston Vila and Leicester City.

  • Super Spurs

    Super Spurs

    महीने पहले

    Yes sonny does not seem to want to go forward wolves game just played it backwards.

  • Awesome TD
    Awesome TDमहीने पहले

    God he is so boring to listen to! Zero charisma

  • Anthony Petty

    Anthony Petty

    महीने पहले

    I think you missed the point. He was dealing with media trying to sensationalise H rumours, and he calmly deflected everything they threw at him. Personally I thought he was excellent.

  • Piotr Woldan

    Piotr Woldan

    महीने पहले

    Comparing to Pochettino during press conferences, Ryan is a vulcan of energy

  • Giuseppe


    महीने पहले

    He’s what 29? Literally at the start of his managerial career, I’m sure he’s just nervous and being careful with what he says

  • SoySauceLee
    SoySauceLeeमहीने पहले

    Dier should learn form Ryan's great defense lmao

  • Mohamed Ta

    Mohamed Ta

    महीने पहले


  • Luke Papanis

    Luke Papanis

    महीने पहले


  • Dave Cook
    Dave Cookमहीने पहले

    God help us 😞

  • Jadn Brwn
    Jadn Brwnमहीने पहले

    He should be our spokesperson

  • Ron Grant
    Ron Grantमहीने पहले

    Roy never said he was retiring 🤔 why do the media make these things up? The same goes for Harry he or the club have not said anything but someone who knows nothing said he wants to go and everyone believes them 🤣🤣 lets all wait for the truth from the player or club 👍👏

  • 김건우
    김건우महीने पहले

    토트넘 챔스갈 확률 0%고 유로파 갈확률 60%임

  • 토트넘팬


    महीने पहले

    0%는 아님

  • Bradley Lawrence
    Bradley Lawrenceमहीने पहले

    Ryan absolutely smashed the questions about Harry's future... well done👏🏼

  • BigMcKennie
    BigMcKennieमहीने पहले

    COYS, if we need European football (UEL) we must win it

  • Michael Kennedy
    Michael Kennedyमहीने पहले

    I bet Mason wins every poker game he plays.

  • Mysterious Gamer

    Mysterious Gamer

    महीने पहले

    Golden comment

  • Ron Grant

    Ron Grant

    महीने पहले

    He only spoke the truth 👍why would he say he knew something that the media have made up 🤣👍

  • Hula Hula

    Hula Hula

    महीने पहले

    Tbf he’s played this beautifully🤣🤣

  • XxWisdomWolfxX


    महीने पहले

    What a random thing 😂😂😂

  • Warrior J93
    Warrior J93महीने पहले

    If we don’t win tomorrow then Sunday is going to be the big one

  • Veck
    Veckमहीने पहले

    We better win against a Villa team with nothing to play for but pride. A real challenge coming on Sunday away to Leicester who need to hold on to top 4 though.

  • comdy master

    comdy master

    महीने पहले

    You know we still have to win not because of pride but because we want Europa league

  • Abdulrahman Alalawi
    Abdulrahman Alalawiमहीने पहले


  • Sarah Mullin

    Sarah Mullin

    महीने पहले


  • Ben Just Ben

    Ben Just Ben

    महीने पहले


  • Diman Lozev

    Diman Lozev

    महीने पहले


  • XxWisdomWolfxX


    महीने पहले


  • ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน

    ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน

    महीने पहले


  • osiris292
    osiris292महीने पहले

    I'd have lost my rag after the second question. What does he expect Ryan to say? He's obviously not going to be open up about Harry staying or going. Complete waste of everyone's time asking about him.

  • 손도장
    손도장महीने पहले

    헤어가 잘 생긴 얼굴을 죽이네..쩝

  • Francis
    Francisमहीने पहले

    The audacity of that journalist asking if Harry will have a great send off

  • oxdahyunxo


    महीने पहले


  • ryanricardo


    महीने पहले

    I thought that too typical Talksport

  • Louis Clarke

    Louis Clarke

    महीने पहले

    Trying to catch out him out that why

  • TottenhamTID
    TottenhamTIDमहीने पहले

    Mason 1-0 Media

  • Hula Hula

    Hula Hula

    महीने पहले


  • HarryCain123
    HarryCain123महीने पहले

    If bale isn’t fit PLAY BERGWIJN PLEASE

  • HarryCain123


    महीने पहले

    @General Keepup listen I hear u but bergwijn needs some confidence to up his game

  • General Keepup

    General Keepup

    महीने पहले

    Lucas better Imo he works hard

  • FootballsFinest


    महीने पहले

    No no no please no

  • Chris Mmeti
    Chris Mmetiमहीने पहले

    I admire the way he handled the Kane questions.

  • Alex Kyriacou

    Alex Kyriacou

    महीने पहले

    @해축 😂😂😂 both going absolutely no where bud

  • laith adam #13

    laith adam #13

    महीने पहले

    i love how patient he is sometimes

  • 해축


    महीने पहले

    Nothing change kane and son will leave and we will mark 10th next season because levy ambition is shit

  • Hector Kim
    Hector Kimमहीने पहले

    could be the last game for kane playing for spurs.....and also for son?

  • General Keepup

    General Keepup

    महीने पहले

    @Wazza THFC he meant home game

  • Veddant Mehta
    Veddant Mehtaमहीने पहले

    The way Ryan has avoided questions on Kane’s future 😂…

  • 누가내수저더럽데
    누가내수저더럽데महीने पहले

    코가 하늘을 찌를듯 ㅋㅋ

  • TottenhamTID
    TottenhamTIDमहीने पहले

    Please stay Harry. I know we don’t deserve you but plz give us one more chance 😢💔

  • Its All Good

    Its All Good

    महीने पहले

    Of course I want him to stay, but I wish people would not beg him to. If he goes, you make your club look weak. If he stays, you make your club look needy. Same with any relationship.

  • Ben Just Ben

    Ben Just Ben

    महीने पहले

    He won’t leave, mark my words.

  • Srihari 07

    Srihari 07

    महीने पहले

    Hope he doesn't move to our rival clubs :(

  • Veer Sonakshal

    Veer Sonakshal

    महीने पहले

    @Football 4life i mean as a spurs fan obviously i want him to stay, but i dont want his career to end trophyless, and we need a team rebuilt before we can even think about challenging for the prem or champions league

  • van you

    van you

    महीने पहले

    I dont know the meaning we dont deserve him. This is not a romantic relationship. The fact is that he has 3 years left in contract and if theres not an enough bid he cant leave

  • Nimrah Fatheen
    Nimrah Fatheenमहीने पहले

    I knew they were gonna send a wave of questions about Kane wanting to leave but I didn’t know they were gonna start so quick.

  • Accest 2
    Accest 2महीने पहले

    By a centre back now

  • General Keepup
    General Keepupमहीने पहले

    Ryan is professional But with Ryan's behavior I can conclude that kane wants to leave All because of that bald prick who just 1 trophy in his 20 years

  • Abhin Anthony
    Abhin Anthonyमहीने पहले

    He didnt even flinch a bit about harry kane future questions.

  • C J

    C J

    महीने पहले

    He knew they were coming and was prepared

  • Alex Kyriacou

    Alex Kyriacou

    महीने पहले

    He done very very well fair play him

  • Ipwnnoobs7
    Ipwnnoobs7महीने पहले

    I think there might be a slight chance that Ryan is a little excited for tomorrow's game :)

  • James J. McCombie

    James J. McCombie

    महीने पहले

    @General Keepup Maybe, players showed they were not at all excited, seems they actively hated being out there with those pesky fans looking on at the shit show they delivered. It's almost like they think we are a nuisance and should be thrilled to watch whatever tripe their pampered feet serve up.

  • General Keepup

    General Keepup

    महीने पहले

    Bcoz he knows all questions would be about hk10

  • متمرد703
    متمرد703महीने पहले

    🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦 كفو ينتر

  • DManDill
    DManDillमहीने पहले


  • Ilham Besuki
    Ilham Besukiमहीने पहले

    I am frist

    GABRIEL MENDOZAमहीने पहले


  • -가레뜨 베일-
    -가레뜨 베일-महीने पहले


  • MrVoid


    महीने पहले


  • 수바기


    महीने पहले


  • avicii Paul Walker
    avicii Paul Walkerमहीने पहले